• JAL Innovation a renowned subsidiary of OK Biotech Co., Ltd, a publicly traded firm on the Taiwan Stock Exchange. We are accredited by the , ISO 13485, and GMP. Our overall purpose is to provide a fully centralized healthcare production plant with a diverse variety of patented diabetics sensing devices and in-vitro screening testing kits to our partners around the world.

  • The primary objective of JAL Innovation Singapore is to provide a single unified medicinal production plant to our collaborators by providing a broad range of highly developed accelerated in-vitro immunodiagnostic test equipment and electronic bio advanced sensors, especially blood sugar levels sensing devices for professional and personal use. We are dedicated to providing high-quality, dependable, and cost-effective commodities to our consumers on each and every country. Our goal is to expand our worldwide supply chain by offering goods that are safe, dependable, and affordable.

  • We’ve been acknowledged as one of Singapore’s highly significant rising healthcare manufactures, as well as one of the country’s leading exporters of in vitro testing instruments. Health Assessment, Monitoring of Blood Sugar Levels, Bacterial Infections, Pregnancy, Prolonged & Severe Ailments, Drug and Alcohol Addiction are all covered by our iCARE Global Brand of Healthcare products. To fulfil the demands of the market, we provide a variety of iCARE glucose levels monitoring devices for blood capillaries, blood platelets, and other area analysis.

  • Our unique product options are fuelling our expansion. The recently created section is dedicated to creating fast testing methods for domestic and agricultural animals. Throughout three years, we hoped to become the dominant player in South East Asia for pet lateral flow screening methods, with a complete line of one-step testing kits. We hope to be of assistance to you in the near future.


  • Production of a wide range of Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits, including a comprehensive line of STD test kits for personal and work usage.

  • Manufacturing of an extensive range of professional and home POC use blood glucose monitoring systems.

  • Manufacturer of a wide range of POC use blood glucose monitoring and controlling equipment for commercial and household usage.

  • Implementation of Experienced Advisory Services for the Development and Manufacturing of Rapid Diagnostic Test Kits.

  • Healthcare Goods – The Company has now engaged into a strategic alliance with Nutrisyz Singapore to produce and market an interesting line of Application specific Medicines and Herb-Based Healthcare Products internationally. The Singapore Health Science Authority has authorised and recognized these high-efficiency Chinese Proprietary Medical (CPM) products (HSA).

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